11 Creative Marketing Ideas To Use In 2020

I’m not suggesting you be someone you’re not, but if you’re going to take a public stance on a divisive issue, be prepared to deal with backlash or unhappy customers on the other side. For example, a quick search for “car care myths” has a post by Chandler Auto Repair on page 1 of my Google results. This could easily lead to additional FAQ’s and may even help convert new customers. He describes his Total Business Review as “our flagship service and where most firms begin“, which is very helpful to new customers. There are also some niche areas, like competitive shooting. Lucas Apps hosts the podcast Triangle Tactical, where he answers his audience’s questions about guns, gear, and competitive shooting.

People love to share and link to massively useful posts. Instead, you’re going to create a massive lists of articles or resources about a certain topic.

Marketing Idea

Interview a customer, client, or vendor and take time to highlight them on your blog. I can assure you people will probably be dying to know how it turns out. Here’s a post from Search Engine Land on April’s “Mobilegeddon“.

Be sure to provide all relevant documents on your site for customers to download. A great way to do this is to check Amazon for new release books. Books written by famous people you’d like to interview. Reach out to them for an interview, record it, and then post it on your site. They could be politicians, business leaders, or directors of non-profits. Write down your thoughts and provide information that your customers and clients will find helpful.

If you have great content and your equipment is as good as a what most smartphones have today, you’re good to go. Post it on YouTube and grab the embed code to post in on your site. Now, take 3-5 minutes to tell your audience one helpful tip or insight.

One of the biggest benefits of podcasting is that you get to speak directly to your audience. Post the recordings to iTunes as a podcast or simply post the audio files on your blog for readers to listen to or download. Find a decent mic and record a reading of some of your best posts. The $100 MBA Show is a daily podcast about all things business. Your podcast doesn’t have to be long or a big production.